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Star Wars Fan Prints Functional Pit Droid

Doing a little robot brain surgery
5 August,2023 / Image Credit: Goran Vuksic

A passionate Star Wars fan and AI enthusiast named Goran Vuksic, has ingeniously merged 3D printing with the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit to bring to life a pit droid from the iconic film series “Star Wars” . Vuksic enhanced a pit droid, which has a role in repairing and maintaining podraces, during his spare time as an engineering manager. Later on, the droid has become an exciting and captivating demo at various tech conferences held in Belgium and the Netherlands. The Croatian engineer, Vuksic, now resides in Sweden, where he continues to showcase his remarkable creation to tech enthusiasts and Star Wars fans alike.

Proclaim Raises $15M to launch Custom Printed Oral Health System

3D printed oral health system
13 July,2023 / Image Credit:Proclaim

An Oral health company named Proclaim has secured $15 million in Series B funding to make their innovative solution accessible to a wider audience. Their revolutionary Custom-Jet Oral Health System, resembles a mouthpiece used in Scuba diving and is connected to a hydro station that delivers 60 water jets into the mouth during a 7 second timeframe. To ensure a perfect fit, each mouthpiece is 3D printed according to the individual’s unique mouth structure.

3D Printed Lamborghini Aventador

13 May,2023 / YouTube: 3D Printing Nerd

3D Printed Toys for Kids with Medical Issues

3D printed toys
9 April,2023 / Image Credit: 3D Toy Shop Teddy Hospital

A father and 3D printing enthusiast named Nick Hardman has set out on an inspiring goal to design and manufacture unique toys for kids with impairments. Hardman changed his attention from producing personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 epidemic to creating unusual toys that can assist children in comprehending and coping with their medical illnesses.

He exports his works, which include custom prosthetic limbs, heart transplants, insulin pumps, foot splints, and small dialysis machines, through his Leeds-based 3D Toy Store Teddy Hospital. He works with volunteer “surgeons” who stitch and assemble teddy bears when demand is high.

3D Printed Luxury Faucets

Luxury Faucets
1 April,2023 / Image Credit: DXV

Do you frequently use a faucet and feel like it could use an upgrade? Luxury bathroom designer DXV has you covered with their new range of 3D printed faucets that create the illusion of natural streams and magical waterfall effects. These fancy outlets have a minimalist design with a multi-layered water flow created by 19 staggered exit ports that blend seamlessly into a cylindrical base. They feature elegant brushed finishes and lead-free metals, are adaptable to various installation sizes, and work with standard ½-inch supply line fittings. Ceramic disc valve cartridges regulate water flow, and the faucets are certified by the California Energy Commission and WaterSense for water reduction engineering.

Mantis 3D Printer Can Print 45kg of Metal an Hour

Modern 3D printing startup Rosotics has unveiled the Mantis 3D printer, its most recent design, in Mesa, Arizona. The Mantis offers a very creative capability to generate a sizable amount of material quickly utilizing a typical 240V outlet, and because to its size, it can produce components with a maximum diameter of 30 feet out of aerospace-grade steel and aluminum. In November 2022, Rosotics obtained $750,000 in funding from pre-seed investors led by Draper Associates. The company then focused on creating the Mantis printer, which it plans to sell to sectors like energy and maritime. The name of the printer is derived from how it appears, as can be seen in the image below. The business intends to increase the variety of feedstocks it can use in the future.

3D metal printer
March 31,2023 / Image Credit: Rosotics

3D Printed Insoles with Integrated Sensors to Improve Athlete Performance

A team of scientists from ETH Zurich, Empa, and EPFL has created unique 3D printed shoe insoles that come with built-in pressure sensors. These insoles can accurately measure the pressure on the foot sole while performing different activities inside and outside of the shoe. Unlike pressure-sensitive mats, which can only be used in specific areas, these insoles can be used during workouts and outdoor activities. Additionally, the insoles can detect various activities, including walking, running, and climbing stairs, by analyzing pressure patterns.

New smart insoles take monitoring outside of the lab
March 19,2023 / Image credit: ETH Zurich

3D Printed Drone Birds

The Drone Bird Company, which is a technology firm based in the Netherlands, has created lifelike drones that resemble falcons using 3D printing technology. By using this technology, the company has been able to lower production expenses, improve design flexibility, and speed up delivery times. These drones have been created to mimic birds of prey and are mainly utilized to prevent bird-related issues in the agriculture and aviation industries. If you’ve ever seen pictures of “bird strikes on aircraft” online, you’ll understand why it’s important to keep birds away from airplanes.

A drone bird in its “nest”
March 11,2023 / Image credit: The Drone Bird Company

The Aerospace Industry is Exploring New Possibilities With 3D Printing

The aerospace industry is exploring new possibilities with 3D printing and physics by creating hypersonic aircraft. These planes can fly at incredibly fast speeds of Mach 5 or more, thanks to their powerful scramjet engines that compress air as it passes through them.

Hypersonic Aircraft
March 7,2023 / Image credit: Hermeus Corp

Hermeus Corp. is a start-up company that has successfully tested its turbojet-ramjet engine, Chimera, which is a hybrid engine capable of taking off from a regular runway and accelerating up to hypersonic speeds. Hermeus built a vertically integrated factory in Atlanta using metal additive manufacturing to produce complex metal parts with about 15% of the Chimera engine consisting of printed components. The TBCC engine is unique in the field of hypersonics, enabling the aircraft to be operational at traditional airports and facilitating passenger travel through hypersonic flight. Despite the challenges, the technology has the potential to revolutionize passenger travel, enabling people to cross the Atlantic Ocean in less than two hours and the Pacific Ocean in less than three hours.

Abu Dhabi University Inaugurates Concrete Printing Lab

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has opened a new research lab on campus that specializes in 3D printing of concrete. The lab is the result of ADU winning a grant from the Advanced Technology Research Council in the UAE. The grant was awarded to a research team led by Dr. Samer Al Martini and Dr. Reem Sabouni, who will be studying how 3D concrete technology can be used to make the UAE’s construction industry more sustainable.

ADU Team
March 5,2023 / Image Credit:ADU

Magnetic 3D Printable DNA Model

A group of researchers from Sophia University in Japan have come up with a new way to teach students about nucleobase pairing in DNA. They created a fun and interactive tool called the BasePairPuzzle that uses magnets to mimic the hydrogen bonds found in molecules. By using this tool, students can better understand the three-dimensional structure of DNA, including the famous double helix shape, and the impact of small mutations.

Most of the molecular models available in the market cannot show how nucleobases in DNA stick together through a type of attraction called hydrogen bonds. But there is a new model called the BasePairPuzzle that lets students touch and see how nucleobases pair up. It is helpful for teaching students that there are many different ways nucleobases can pair up, not just the usual A-T and C-G pairs, and for explaining how DNA mutations happen.

The BasePairPuzzle is made of 3D printed puzzle pieces that have little crevices in just the right places to hold small magnets. These magnets act like the hydrogen bonds that hold nucleobases together in real life. The puzzle pieces are also able to float and stay dry in water, so students can watch how they move around, just like nucleobases in a fluid environment.

3D printed DNA models
March 1,2023 / Image credit: Sophia University

F1 Team BWT Alpine Invests in 3D Printing

BWT F1 Cars
BWT Alpine F1 Team Car / Image credit: Alpine F1 Team

The BWT Alpine F1 Team recently acquired four advanced 3D printing systems from 3D Systems in order to enhance their additive manufacturing process. They have been using these new printers, along with a specially developed composite material called Accura Composite PIV, to create models for wind tunnel testing. The collaboration between 3D Systems and the BWT Alpine F1 Team has resulted in improved accuracy and resolution of the data collected during testing, as well as better performance overall. The combination of the new printers and material has allowed for exceptional quality and detail in the models produced, while also reducing the time needed to prepare them for testing.

3D printers
BWT Alpine F1 Team bought 4 SLA 750 3D printers
February 25,2023 / Image credit: Alpine F1 Team

3D Printed Robot Bird Teaches Chicks to Sing

A group of scientists from three universities in the Netherlands and Germany has created a 3D-printed robot version of a zebra finch. They aim to use the robot to study how baby finches learn to sing by exploring the role of different sensory inputs in this process.

The researchers are interested in studying “multimodal communication,” which is the use of multiple sensory modalities to convey information. This type of communication is commonly used in nature, from plants using color and fragrance to attract pollinators, to humans using gestures while speaking.

By studying how different sensory inputs affect the learning of baby finches, the researchers hope to gain a better understanding of how multimodal communication works and why it is effective. This research could have implications for a range of fields, including cognitive science and communication technology.

3D printer bird
February 23,2023 / Image credit: Leiden University

Wilson 3D Printed Airless Basketball

Wilson Sporting Goods, which is the official basketball supplier for the NBA, has unveiled a new kind of basketball that was 3D printed without an air chamber inside. The 3D Airless Prototype Basketball was showcased during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, and it closely meets the weight, size, and rebound specifications of a regulation basketball. The ball is made from a transparent lattice with eight panel-like sections and was developed by Wilson Labs in partnership with General Lattice, DyeMansion, and EOS. According to Dr. Nadine Lippa, the innovation manager at Wilson, it was a challenge to find the right materials and technology to create a ball that bounced like a regular basketball but didn’t require inflation. It took the team several years to achieve this breakthrough.

February 20,2023 / Credit: Wilson Basketball

A New 3D System for The Jewelry Industry

A 3D printing system made specifically for the jewelry industry, the ProJet MJP 2500W Plus, has been unveiled by 3D Systems. With remarkable speed and accuracy, this printer can produce elaborate jewelry patterns of the highest caliber using only pure wax. With the help of a new printing mode, it can now make smooth, finely detailed wax designs that waste less precious metal since they require less refinement. All sorts of jewelry, even the most complex ones, can be designed and produced using this rapid and affordable process.

Jewelry patterns made by 3D printer
February 16,2023 / Image credit: 3D Systems

Man Earns +200k $ Simply Doing This

February 15,2023 / Credit: starter_story(Instagram)

Mat Hofma, originator of this wonderful idea, is making more than 200.000$ thanks to 3D printer project. Make sure to checkout this video!

Bioengineerings Grow 3D Skin

Bioengineers at Columbia University have created a novel method for producing synthetic skin in three dimensions, which is advantageous for skin grafts. This procedure, which is similar to how skin was created in the film “Darkman,” makes it simple to apply a continuous covering of skin cells to a severely burned hand. Using computer-aided design and 3D printing, a 3D model of the intended structure is made, which is then seeded with skin fibroblasts and collagen on the outside and perfused with growth media on the inside.Take a look at the image below, which looks exactly like it came from that movie!Sci-fi becomes real.

3D Printed Skin
February 14,2023 / Image credit: Alberto Pappalardo and Hasan Erbil Abaci / Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Criminals 3D Printing Bogus Licence Plates to Commit Crimes in Australia

Australian criminals have been cloning license plates with 3D printers and using them to commit crimes undercover. As a result, some car owners have received fines or have been falsely accused of committing crimes.After his grandmother’s fake license plate was used, Braden Rawlinson, a resident of the state of Victoria, was charged with hit-and-run, burglary, and gas theft. Using her cloned plates, speeding penalties totaling more than $5,000 were issued to a different victim in Brisbane.By photographing parked vehicles or searching for vehicles that resemble their own, criminals may be able to obtain license plate information. The most recent license plates in Queensland include directional indications that can only be seen from specific angles, making them difficult to replicate, therefore owners of these plates may have extra security.

Fake plate
February 12,2023 / Holographic plates may deter criminals from using 3D printed plates.(Image credit: Victorian Department of Transport)

3D Printed Underwater Drone

The team
The team with one of the drones. Team for scale. (Image credit: Yonder Deep)

A low-cost, adaptable, and autonomous underwater vehicle is being built by the Yonder Deep student organization at UC San Diego. This autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) will give scientists a practical way to collect information about the ocean and climate.

The research has been developed over the course of five years under the direction of Scripps Institution of Oceanography physical oceanographer Grant Deane. The team’s goal is to develop an AUV that resembles a torpedo, can carry a range of sensors, and can withstand the harsh conditions in both coastal seas off the Arctic and Southern California.

The render shows how the vehicle might look in real life.

The underwater drone
February 10,2023

US Navy Identifies Supply Bottleneck to be Rectified with AM

After performing an examination of 5,500 pieces that have caused delays in new submarine and ship construction and maintenance schedules, the United States Navy plans to use 3D printing technology to manufacture intricate and crucial components for submarines, ships, and planes. It was shown that only 6 materials were to blame for 70% of the delays in shipping heavy metal parts and components. The program aims to address the lack of vendors capable of meeting the Navy’s production requirements as well as to more quickly and effectively deliver parts to construction and repair sites. To enable their mass production and use on submarines, the Navy has a strategy in place to enhance the materials, printing equipment, and procedures connected to these 6 materials by March 2024.

Supply Bottleneck
February 8,2023 / Image Credit: 3D Systems

3D Printed Toroidal Propeller Design on a Drone

Toroidal propeller’s are the most used propellers on new drones. Here is a video of 3D printed propellers used on a drone by @quadmovr.

February 7,2023 / YouTube: @quadmovr

3D Printed Superyacht Concept

February 4, 2023 / Image credit : Forakis

The 88-metre Pegasus idea, designed by Jozeph Forakis, is the world’s first 3D printed superyacht. Design of the yacht is “sustainable and nearly invisible,” thanks to mirrored panels fitted to the yacht’s exterior that reflect the ocean and sky.

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